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We are FIRST in Turkey

We are FIRST in Turkey:

  • 2010 First Dedicated Sterile Carbapenem Production Facility,
  • 2011 First Injectable Meropenem Generic registration and launch: MOPEM 1g ve MOPEM 0.5g
  • 2013 First Injectable 1:1 Cephoperazon /Sulbactam Generic registration and launch: SULZON 1g IM/IV
  • 2013 First Injectable 2:1 Cephoperazon /Sulbactam Generic registration and launch: SULZON 2g IM/IV
  • 2014 With the opening of Dedicated Injectable Penicillin Facility we are the first and only Turkish company who has 3 dedicated & separated Beta lactam production facility
  • 2015 With the opening of sterile liquid ampoule, sterile liquid vial, sterile liquid bag, and sterile lyophilized injectable powder production facility, among to our existing 3 Beta lactam production facilities We are Unique in Turkey even in EU,
  • 2018 …..First Generic registration of a newly patent expired product