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Our Policy

Quality Policy

  • As the Pharmaceutical Production and Registration Regulations and rules in Turkey are same as EU regulations, we have built EU standard facilities, QA and QC system.
  • All the validations, calibrations and qualification are done regularly and under the control of independent QA management.
  • All critical computerized systems are validated with the support of independent agreed consultants, to be complied with GAMP5 (Good Automated Manufacturing Practices 5) The essence of the system is to be complied with all cGXP rules.
  • All work carried out in the Company and Warehouse are realized according to written standard operating procedures (SOP), and all the operations are well recorded and documented.
  • All production, control, storage, packaging and shipping activities are guaranteed by the Quality Assurance System. Our quality system is also compliant to ISO 9001,
  • Our environment management syteme is ISO 14001 compliant. ISO certificates are also available as a part of our systems.

Our Environment Policy

  • To take necessary measures to minimize negative effects on environment,
  • To consider the effects of manufacturing processes on environment to prevent pollition,
  • To use energy and natural sources efficently,
  • To encourage and support the waste reducing measures, to recover/recycle by monitoring all the process wastes,
  • To dispose the wastes if recovering/recycling is not possible,
  • To comply with legal and other requirements that we are liable,
  • To continuously trains to our personel to increase enviromental awareness,
  • To support our environment management system with international standards by aiming continuous improvement and sustainable development with respect to responsibility to environment and to continuously improve environmental performance.