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About Us

In 2000 Tüm Ekip Pharmaceuticals is established by an Equip (team) of experts on their fields under the management of Mr. Hamza Oğuz who has 58 years of experience in Wholesale and Pharma Industry. As a young company, we had a secure, healthy and successful growth in a short time. Currently we have over 100 product licenses including all the pharmaceutical presentations, and over 15 new products in the registration pipeline,

Being Turkey’s only Local and National Specialized Injectable pharmaceutical producer; we are among leader pharmaceutical companies.

We have a large expertise on development and production of all injectable forms including powder, liquid, lyophilized powder, SVP, LVP, PVC & Non-Pvc Bag.

We are also unique on the production capabilities as we have 3 completely separated/dedicated sterile production area: Sterile Injectable Cephalosporin, Sterile Injectable Carbapenem, Sterile injectable Penicillin.

Additionally, with our sterile liquid ampoule, sterile liquid vial, sterile liquid bag, and sterile lyophilized injectable powder production facility, we are the only Specialized Hospital Pharmaceuticals producer who has the capacity and capability to produce 7 different Sterile forms in Turkey and even among EU countries,